Primary Community @ St. Mark's

Our primary classroom is in session Monday through Friday, from 8:15am to 3:30pm. Children attend 5 days a week and may be dropped off between 8:15am and 8:30am. For three year-old (first-year students), there is an optional early pick-up at 1:15pm. The primary classroom has 16 children, a Lead Guide, and an Assistant Guide, with an adult to child ratio of 1:8. Children do not need to have completed toilet learning to attend.

In the primary classroom, children enjoy a three-hour morning work period, choosing activities of interest independently. District Montessori provides snack each day; children take turns preparing the snack for the community, and each child is free to eat snack as desired during the morning work period. We eat lunch together, practicing our table manners, etiquette, and the art of conversation. Our outdoor time includes a combination of walking and outdoor play. Younger children have a nap / rest period in the afternoon, while older children have another chance to work with the Montessori materials during a two-hour afternoon work period. 

As in our toddler classroom, the Lead and Assistant Teachers (called Guides) work to provide a joyful and supportive environment, give children individual and group lessons, allow the children freedom to explore, and build a peaceful community.

We are pleased to offer a no-commitment program for parents in terms of volunteering. Our Lead and Assistant Guides are happy to assist and support the children in the classroom. We also welcome parents to observe the classroom and to volunteer when we need help with special activities and field trips.

 District Montessori