Faculty and Staff

Jackie Davidson - Head of School - Lead Toddler Guide @ CHPC

Our Head of School and Lead Toddler Guide is Jackie Davidson, or "Miss Jackie," as she is affectionately known by her young students. Jackie has more than a decade of Montessori classroom experience, and she holds Montessori certifications for both the Infant/Toddler and the Primary (age 3-6) age groups. She has lived on Capitol Hill for more than 15 years.

Courtney Schwalen - Assistant Toddler Guide @ CHPC

Courtney Schwalen has a master's degree in education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and is an AMI-trained Montessori assistant. She has worked with young children since 2002, as an Assistant Teacher, a Pre-K Teacher, and as the Center Director for several child care and early learning centers. She has two children who attend a local Montessori school.

Emiko Kawabata - Assistant Toddler Guide @ CHPC

Emiko Kawabata joined us in 2018 as an Assistant Toddler Guide. Her son was a student in our toddler classroom, and she volunteered with us frequently. She is now an AMS-trained Montessori assistant, and her son attends our primary classroom.

Ernestine McCoy - Lead Toddler Guide @ Saint Mark's

Ernestine McCoy has eight years of experience as a lead Montessori guide in a classroom with children ages 2 years to 5 years old. Ernestine graduated from Hunter College (CUNY), with a bachelor's degree in elementary education. After marrying a native Washingtonian, she moved to Washington and pursued her Montessori education at the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies, where she received her AMS credential for the primary age group. Ernestine also has a master's degree in early childhood education from Trinity University in Washington D.C. Ernestine has taught adult learners at the Institute for Advanced Montessori Studies and she regularly mentors interns who are pursuing a Montessori credential. 

Vanessa Brown - Assistant Toddler Guide @ Saint Mark's

Vanessa Brown has worked with young children in multiple environments for three years and has worked as an assistant guide in a Montessori classroom for two years. She looks forward to obtaining her credential as a lead primary guide, and is committed to advocating for greater access to Montessori schools.

Alissa Munoz - Lead Primary Guide

Alissa Munoz has a bachelor's degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Maryland. After observing and adoring the community, kindness, and independence of the Montessori classroom, she took her Montessori training from The Montgomery Montessori Institute. She is AMS-certified for the primary classroom. Alissa was born in Washington D.C. and currently lives with her family in Petworth. 

Jasmine Haddad - Assistant Primary Guide

When Jasmine entered a Montessori classroom for the first time, she fell in love with what she saw: happy children who were working independently and enjoying learning. She has six years of experience working in Montessori classrooms, and will complete her AMS training as a Lead Guide in June 2020.

Anji Keating - Nonprofit Director - Primary Intern Guide

Our Nonprofit Director is Anji Keating. A resident of Capitol Hill since 2003, Anji strives to serve and enhance her neighborhood and community, and has worked with a number of community nonprofits and small businesses. Each of her three children attend a local Montessori school. Anji is an-AMI trained Montessori assistant, and will complete her AMS training as a Lead Guide in June 2020.

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