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About Us

District Montessori is a 501(c)(3) educational organization and licensed child development facility formed in October 2015, committed to enriching the lives of children, supporting parents, and advancing early childhood education through the Montessori methodology of teaching.


We have three classrooms—two toddler classrooms and one primary classroom—located in the heart of the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Washington D.C. We closely follow the DCPS school schedule, and are in session each year between August and June.

We have constructed inviting classroom environments scaled precisely to a child’s size, encouraging independence. Age-appropriate Montessori materials are easily accessible on low shelves throughout the room. Each child selects his or her own activity, and learns at his or her own pace. Our skilled staff act as guides; they are attuned to the needs of each child and treat every child with patience, sensitivity, and respect. Our classrooms are thoughtfully arranged to promote discovery, independence, order, and freedom of choice and movement. In an environment where children are free to explore their interests, we ignite a natural love for learning. This is the first step on what we hope will be a joyful journey of lifelong learning.

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